Join CADs and let the music flow through you as stories unwind in this one-night only concert. Steep yourselves in a Cascade of emotions as we remind you that the very essence of being human is to feel.

The Company of Ateneo Dancers presents: CASCADE

March 2 (Friday) || 7PM; doors open at 6PM || Henry Lee Irwin Theatre || Tickets will be pre-sold at P180 in the Doghouse starting on Feb 27 (Monday) || Door price is P200

For any inquiries, please contact JC Genato (0917.891.1091)

This event is presented to you by Analog Soul, Schu, The Body Shop, Smart Communications and Mellow 94.7, in cooperation with PLDT, Coffee Twist, Tortillos and IMI, with media partners: Dance Pinoy and Click The City. Also brought to you by Bayo and special thanks to Dunkin Donuts, That’s D Pointe Shop, BiblioTech, and Perfetti Van Melle.

Starring Deb Victa & Jak Mayo
Video by Antonio del Rosario, Rachel Nocom and John Tan

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Posted on Sunday, 26 February
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